International student marketing tools and services

to help schools and universities reach student candidates on a global scale



HigherEdMe builds international student recruitment tools and services for universities and international educators to increase and diversitfy their enrollments.

Since 2015, HigherEdMe supports higher education institutions in their internationalization strategy with simple and time-saving solutions, on incoming and outgoing mobility, at every academic level, in every country, and in every field.

HigherEdMe has built the only free study abroad platform to recruit international candidates.

International Student Recruitment and Marketing now easy

Facebook Ads campaigns

Collect leads with exclusive campaigns on social medias

Google Ads campaigns

Collect leads with exclusive campaigns on search engines

Chinese Ads campaigns

Collect leads with exclusive campaigns on Chinese networks

More International Student Recruitment Services

International Student Recruitment is a long, complex, expensive and risky process. HigherEdMe believes that technology can help professionals to get more qualified prospective students.

Two key elements are driving successful enrollments : selecting the best candidates and make sure the follow-up process drives them to admissions. The following tools are supporting international student recruitment professionals in their daily work, saving their time, automating their redundant tasks, boosting all their potentials and networks.

HigherEdMe offers additional services to go further in international student recruitment.

Candidates Analysis

Use data algorithm to qualify international candidates

Online classrooms and webinar

Interact with your future students with webinar tools and online virtual fairs

Chat bot

Reply instantly 24-7 to student visitors on your networks and websites

Alumni mapping

Check where your alumni are to manage candidate interviews

Student CRM

Get the best CRM tool to manage candidates from leads to enrollments

Autoplan your meetings

Give your meeting slots and let students book your agenda
To get specific student profiles and to save time on student lead generation, HigherEdMe also handles tailor-made acquisition campaigns on most social networks for international educators.

Thanks to its international community, HigherEdMe has partnered with other Edtech startups to distribute other innovative tools and services. Discover how HigherEdMe can help higher education institutions to internationalize.

International student recruitment

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International student recruitment platform

Matchmaking platform

Get in touch with candidates who want to go abroad

HigherEdMe collects thousands of study abroad projects from all over the planet, and enables international student recruitment officers to get in touch with potential candidates.

Powered by simple automation features, University teams select candidates currently looking for programs and stay focus on value-added stages of the enrollment process.


“For us at Euroace, HigherEdMe has helped us to gain many more contacts with students who we would never have had contact with if we had not joined the platform. We have been able to bring┬ástudents to Valencia from many different backgrounds to join several of our academic and language programs.”

Hannah G.

International Programs, EUROACE