While going through the students’ profiles, looking for interesting motivations, I found the profile of Brenda who is very focused on the Earth and very involved in the protection of the environment. Let me share with you a glance at her description : “Since I was little I observed the nature of the environment I’m living in. It is day by day becoming so polluted and not healthy for our generations to come. I’m out to restore a better living condition. I want to study precisely waste recycling, to make our streets clean and country liveable.”

Let’s discover together Brenda and learn more about her desire to study abroad.

[HigherEdMe] You want to study Environmental Engineering in the USA. Why did you choose the the USA to study in your field?

I actually study Biochemistry in level 3, from the University of Buea, Cameroon and I want to study Environmental Engineering in the USA since there wasn’t an option in recycling in my country.

I choose USA because I’ve noticed their almost perfect environment and want to bring it to my country too. The United States fights against environmental pollution since decades but here, in Africa, there is abruptly no discipline in how to avoid environmental pollution. I chose the United states because from repeatedly viewing youtube videos on how to recycle, they put in place an industrious system and strategies to make their society a place where people don’t die from all kinds of infections.

A good example is malaria. Malaria is dominant in our African problem which is caused by a poor environment. The hosts, mosquitoes, get a good breeding ground to lay eggs which is stagnant water, exposed deposition of dirts and so on. But in United States this situation is completely eradicated. The US is the best place so I can learn  how they go about it and learn deeply on the environmental matter.

[HigherEdMe] You seem to know a lot about the subject! You also say in your profile you want to restore better living conditions, what do you plan to do for that?

Africa is a ground which has not exploited all its resources and there are certain activities our brothers see as non- profitable or they are too proud to endorse in those dirty activities like picking of dirts. Majority of we, the Cameroonians, only want to embark in government administrative work where they are not out to help their fellow citizens but do it for greed.
I want to show them that we can generate millions of money on other activities. So i want to embark in this recycling journey to teach the benefits of thinking about another person before you. Building a recycling company which will employ millions of people all around the country since the environmental problem is a big problem especially Douala, a town in Cameroon which was broadcasted on CNN to be the second most polluted city in world.

This situation has extended to the neighbouring cities and made the population more exposed to illnesses. Building this company will increase the living conditions by creating more jobs, also educating the population on environmental problems and bettering the living condition is not only to build a company in my field of expertise but the most pressing situation is to change our mentality, as a whole, to move out of the thinking that only government administrative work is the only way to get a good standard of living.

Increasing the standards of living is not only financially but also mentality and bringing our next generations to exploit their capabilities.


[HigherEdMe] That is a beautiful project. And concerning the School, what would your dream School be like?

My dream school would be a school who first teaches me how to speak to the crowd on issues at hand, building up my entrepreneurship mind because building a company is not only being an expert in your domain but also being able to keep this company upright for decades so it profits the next generation. Secondly, making me an expert in my area of specialisation.


[HigherEdMe] I’d like to know more about your hobbies and what gets you excited.  What do you enjoy doing when you have spare time?

I love sports like fitness and handball, love socialising. I also love to be involved in business  like selling shoes so i can have money to buy what I need. Striving to do things is my point of reference. A human with no social life is at a point selfish. I love helping others, because what they are going through helps me know my stand in life and gives me the strength to overcome mine.

[HigherEdMe] Is there a personality trait about you that you are proud of? What is it and why?

Positivity! I’m proud of it because no matter the situation you’re in or the people around you are in, a positive mind and soul will make it easy to overcome.

Finding a solution is easy no matter how long it takes.

[HigherEdMe] If there is anything you’d like to say to Universities who will see your profile or if you want to add something, feel free to do it.

I’m an ambitious person who will represent your university even worldwide. Please give me the possibility.

Brenda has an amazing profile. If you want to learn even more about her or if you want to send her study abroad opportunities, it happens right here on HigherEdMe.
-Emilie, Community Manager

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