Study Abroad Concierge

At HigherEdMe, we always like to create new products and services. Today we used the Disrupt Day to invent our future. The best idea is a Study Abroad Concierge for parents working in top companies.

July 17th was not only the CEO 40th birthday but also the first disrupt day where we invent new projects. The output of the day was the study abroad concierge, a service to help parents working in top companies about finding a university abroad.

Why is Study Abroad Concierge a good idea ?

When you are a parent, it is difficult to spend time wisely and make sure the study abroad project of your young adult is adapted.

With more than 25.000 students and 225 schools and universities across the globe, the company can get a quick feedback from highly qualified professionals in international student recruitment, as well as service providers.

Why would a top company use HigherEdMe Study Abroad Concierge?

Choosing a study abroad destination for your child can be very stressful for parents. Many concierges exists to handle logistics and housing but no service exists before departure in the orientation field. If the top company helps parents for this project, it means less stress, building a grateful feeling from employees, even more if it supports scholarships.




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