How to boost recruitment fairs?

International education fairs give the perfect opportunity to meet with youngsters eager to study abroad. Promoting the fact you are attending, before and during the event, increases your chances to attract and meet the best students who also attend the fair.

Prior to the event: promotion via social media

Social media is a very effective mean to target local populations. Thanks to advertising, you can inform students in a specific area of your attendance to an event. It will allow them to research your institution and the programs you offer, and eventually schedule a meeting with you on your booth. This is what HigherEdMe offers with our “Plan My Fair” product.

Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat, VK

Advertising can be done on different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In Asia, WeChat and Weibo are the available social networks, and are the ones to use to promote your presence at local fairs. In Russia, the most popular network is VK.

Ensure and qualify your meetings

One good relex to have is to simply indicate your location in the event! It makes it much easier for students to find you. The advert directs the attendee towards a scheduling form, which creates the first contact and sets a meeting during the fair. This allows you to shortlist students who are interested in your institution, and measure the impact of the fair before it has even started.

During the event: 360° immersive video content

You will stand out from other exhibitors by using immersive instruments that will allow the students to visualise and nearly feel your campus. They’ll be able to discover your facilities, such as housing, cafeteria, labs and imagine being there.

Discovering your campus and your Dean

L360° video is an innovative communication medium that will draw students to your boot. Thanks to to a Virtual Reality headset, students end up in the middle of your campus to meet the dean, visit cassrooms and his future housing.

More views

The short film of around a minute can be uploaded and spread on your social networks. The average number of views of a 360° video is around 30% higher than a classic video. If you’d like an example, check the result hereunder!

Extend the event: VR headsets as a goody

Sending a headset customized to your brand is a good way to set foot, for your institution and it’s philosophy, inside the students home. The headset will be visible to parents and friends. Tracking technology allows you to know who is watching the video, and in turn to better program reminders to start discussions.

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