This week HigherEdMe is 2 years-old. We feel that our core matchmaking platform service has just been released. But it’s already been 730 days!

Let’s compare what the team has achieved since our first anniversary.


Thanks for many posts and advertising on social networks, we convinced more students to join our platform so they can receive study abroad opportunities from recruiters. We have now students from 174 countries. 30% are from Asia, 30% from Africa, 30% from Americas, 10% from Europe.

International Student Recruiters

Thanks to a specific exportation grant from Région Bourgogne Franche-Comté, HigherEdMe could participate and present its platform to many international recruiters and officers during EAIE in Liverpool and Seville, NAFSA in Los Angeles and APAIE in Kaohsiung. With our sales team, we grew our contacts from 1.000 to more than 3.000 international education professionals. Now the platform counts more than 250 users instead of 120.

Above : map of HEI users oct 2016

Above : map of HEI users oct 2017

Recruiters are now covering many regions of the globe.

Now it’s matching

Having more student wishes and more recruiters and adding alerts and auto-replies, the platform started to do what it was built for: connecting recruiters with prospective students. We went from 450 connection requests to more than 6.500. Finally, we just have reached 1.000 accepted contacts. It means than more than one thousand students gave their mobile phone and email to the recruiters. First feedback from our best users show enrollments, which is the ultimate goal of the platform.

Are we still a startup?

Our turnover is the one of a young startup, we reinvest every penny in technology, just like the last motivation analysis algorithm we have developed. We still need to grow our reputation to collect more students and universities to make more matching and give a better UX.

Serving our customers to become profitable is our objective, keeping our values is our priority.

So the answer is yes. We are still a startup, needing every possible support !

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