How to say « no » and create value from it

Universities are investing a lot money in SEO, content management, digital promotion, student fairs, but up to 80% of prospects do not match admission requirements. These leads are usually lost because of budget, of academic level or visa issues.  From certificates to lead exchange, there is always a way to convert these non-eligible prospect investments into value for your higher education institution, and for the students themselves.

Promote other internal programs

If your program does not match the student prospect you are dealing with, you can point other training solutions that will build up your brand awareness and/or revenues to your institution:

  • Shorter programs like summer schools, discovery programs, university tours when the prospect project is not precise;
  • Online certificates are more affordable, and could turn your prospect into a better lead in the future;
  • Moocs are also a way to keep a close link with the student.

Promote campus events

There are many events occurring on campus, on site but also online. You can invite your lead to these parts of university life, and also to local conferences.

Promote other external programs

Another way to keep value is to mention local partners who are doors to you (for example community colleges and universities), with lower tuition fees. Same with partner universities sometimes offer different programs than yours. Don’t forget to explore new formats of programs like acceleration programs or fast tracks, that can also be an option in some areas.

Recycling your leads with respect

A non-positive lead could be a positive one for another institution. A non-positive lead could be exchanged to get a positive one. That is the idea of the « Global lead recycling program » : each time you have to say no to a student, you can promote the higheredme platform to help students get other study abroad opportunities. If students record a study abroad wish, HigherEdMe will give you free credits to contact other students that might be closer to your admission requirements.

The global lead recycling program offers 3 major opportunities :

  • access to the open pool of student prospects
  • promotion of your programs and announcements in our newsletter for professionals
  • access to the early adopters program

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