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Why Alumni Mapping?

One of the biggest challenges of international education leaders is to forecast how prospective student flows will change, due to political and societal changes. Of course each country has a student potential and is impacted by new immigration rules, incoming and outgoing.

How can this impact the day-to-day work of international teams? Obviously dealing with higher volumes in new countries will be part of the strategies. Two key aspects are to be kept in mind : reaching the students in these new markets, and using available strengths in said area. Alumni are one of these potential strengths and having a global view of where they are can be a very efficient tool at several level : getting better enrollments figures, developing fundraising, creating new partnerships, and increasing brand awareness in local high schools, universities and educational fairs.

What is Alumni Mapping?

The Alumni Mapping service helps your to get an overview of potential ambassadors on a global scale. It’s known that Alumni are your best option to convince prospective students to enroll in your university.

Using your alumni has many advantages:

  • They are local
  • They know the language
  • They experienced your university and can better testify
  • They are trustworthy

A good Alumni network saves your time, money, increases your brand awareness and your results.To use them you need to know where they are and what is their current occupation to match students study abroad project.

This service is perfect for higher education institutions willing to engage international alumni in their internationalization strategy. It may concern alumni relations managers and officers, fundraisers, marketing communication officers, international student recruitment officers, agents, and study abroad officers.

Who builds Alumni Mapping?

HigherEdMe works closely with HumanRoads, a tech company located in France, who is the editor of the solution.

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