Agents (beta)

Publish your candidate profiles and make them visible to more than 400 recruiters across the globe

Publish the candidates you represent

Discover new university recruiters

Increase your visibility


Get copied when a match occurs


Suggest your commission with the recruiter


RGPD compliant


How can I start?

Add a candidate profile

Enter the platform as a student. Create a candidate you are representing by publishing a project, answering all questions of the form. Make sure you are using the email of your candidate, not yours (each candidate has to have a unique email). You must have the consent of your candidate.

Add your agency as mentor

Insert your email in the mentor section of the candidate profile. It will copy you on each matching received by the candidate, so you can get in touch with the recruiter.

Inform recruiters about your agency

In the first name field of the candidate, add “Rep.” before the first name and explain your agency role in the motivation letter of the candidate. In thay way, recruiters will know that commissions might apply.

The agent project


Step 1 : Agents can publish profiles of their candidates

You can insert candidates using the public candidate form.



Step 2 : Represented candidates have a different color and can be sorted

Universities can see who are the represented candidates, and sort them out.


Step 3 : Agents have a specific interface

Agents have a specific interface where they can edit their profile and see the status of all their candidates.


Step 4 : There is a section for universities to contact agents

Universities can see a list of agents and their activity. Universities can contact them.

More than 400 institutions will see your candidates


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