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Is HigherEdMe an agent?

No, HigherEdMe is an independent marketplace. We put students and institutions in contact. We don’t take part in the admission process.

I don’t want to pay by credit card : what are my options?

Just contact us by email using the contact section and we will set up a regular invoice payment.

Can a higher education institution advertise on the HigherEdMe platform ?

No. Advertising inside the platform is not available for higher education institutions because we want to keep our independence and transparency. Advertising is only available to partners, such as housing providers, banks or telecom companies.

What is an contact request?

A contact request is the first contact message on a wish, between a university/school and a student.

I need to cancel a contact request, is it possible?

No, you have to make your best message on your first try. Anyway, a contact request is not an engagement, it is just a first contact message.

Can I talk to a student before I send a contact request?


Can I send a contact request if the wish parameters are different from what I can offer?

Yes. And we encourage it. A wish is a temporary vision of studies. It can change in time and you can influence it with your offer.

When do I get contact details of the student?

You receive the student contact details immediately if the student accepts your contact request, or when the student decides to contact you directly using the contact details you provided in the message.

How do I stop my plan?

If you want to stop your plan, it’s because our service does not fit your needs. The subscription stops at the end of the month engaged on your plan. Just click on “Plan and Billing” section and follow the guidelines.

Can I downgrade?

Yes. At the end of your engagement you can start a lower cost plan or a free plan. All your offers will still be in your portfolio but can be freezed which means you won’t have access to contact details unless you upgrade back again.

Can I upgrade?

Yes. Just click on upgrade button in the menu.

Can I receive only wishes that match my filters?

Yes, that is called “Alerts” or “Rummage”

What is Auto-Reply messaging?

The auto-reply messaging feature allows you to send a template message to a new student  when he/she matches your filters while publishing their wish.

What is Batch messaging?

The batch messaging feature allows you to send a template message to all students that you selected.

Pay per enrollment FAQ

What is a pay-per-enrollment plan? How does this work?

The Pay-per-enrollment plan allows you to use the HigherEdMe matchmaking platform to its maximum capacity. You can send as many contact request as you need to prospective students, to start a conversation with them if they accept. The pricing is based on a fixed success-based commission fee upon enrollment.

How many students can I contact?

The pay per enrollment plan is limited to 500 contact request per month per recruiter.

This limit can be upgraded for free upon request, after we can check that this is not a spamming account.

How much does it cost?

An agreement is signed between your institution and HigherEdMe with an initial setup fee, then HigherEdMe invoices a success commission of 5% of tuitions fees of the first year

Why do we use a set-up fee?

This setup fee supports initial online training and the agreement process.

We are several recruiters from the same university, do we have to pay several set-up fees?

No, there is only one setup fee per institution, once for all.

How long is the agreement?

The agreement duration is one year for platform use, with an automatic renewal. Commission fees are due if a student enrolls during the 5 following years after termination of the agreement.

How can we start?

To start a pay per enrollment plan, follow the steps to prepare the agreement in the pricing section of our commercial website or write to [email protected].

Do you handle visas?


Do you check student documents?

No. But we can create a specific information request procedure for you.

Can I use the pay per enrollment if my tuition fees are low?


Can I use the pay per enrollment plan if I am an agent?

No, unless you are able to split commissions and provide traceability of admissions.

How can I estimate the student potential of the platform?

You can use a free plan to check student profiles.

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