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Our main features to connect with international student candidates

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HigherEdMe is a Saas platform dedicated to connect international student candidates and university recruiters. Our team creates and adds new features all year long. Feel free to ask anything.

Send unlimited contact requests

Send as many contact requests as you need to get enrollments (security lock at 500 contact requests sent per month)

Set alerts on new candidates

Receive an email alert twice a week if new candidates match your filters

Set auto-contact templates

Send automatic contact request to new candidates with a template message

Write HTML contact requests

Insert bold,Italic and links in your message and templates to contact students

See student full profiles

See all details of the student project (postal address, last name, institution of origin, parent's job)

Search by keyword

Browse student project by keyword in all fields

Notify students by texting

We double your contact request by texting students on mobile phones to increase acceptance rate

Attach brochure (pdf)

You can add a pdf file to your contact request and students can upload it

Export matched profiles

Export all accepted contact requests profiles in CSV format

Personalize auto-contact templates

Insert student's first name in your contact request templates

Send reminders by email

Send a 2nd message after contact acceptance, with your admission form

Batch contact requests

Send several contact requests at the same time to selected students

Remove banners

Remove advertising banners appearing on your interface

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