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The HigherEdMe platform is a simple tool to connect international educators with potential students on a global scale.

This service is free for students. All they have to do is publish their project which explains where, what, when they want to study, when they will decide, how long they want to study, and their potential budget.

Students complete their profile with their academic history, languages, rankings and motivations.

International student recruitment officers search for projects using filters, select which students are matching their program, and send contact requests for free.

RGPD compliance and parental engagement

Contact requests are sent to students and their declared mentors (parents, friends teachers).

If the students like the contact request content sent by the officer, they can accept the matching and their contact details are shared with the officer(phone number and email address).

Both parties can then be in direct contact with each other.

Save time with Automation

Officers can set alerts for specific programs and pair contact request templates. More time is then available for conversations with students and admission questions.

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Premium features are available for officers, please check our pricing options for more information or contact us.

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