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The HigherEdMe platform is an ideal tool to put students and educational institutions in contact at the international scale.

This service is free for students. All they have to do is fill in their study wish which indexes where, what, when they want to study, when they need to have made a decision, how long they want to study (long term, short term?), and their potential budget. Then, they can complete their profile by giving information about their academic career, levels in languages, their rankings and motivations.

Educational institutions can then sign up and search for students and see their profiles thanks to research filters, so they can that they can get in contact with students who correspond to their requirements.

Student contact details protected

If the student deems the message and the content sent by the recruiter suitable, he will accept to send his contact information (phone number and email address) to the educational institution. Both parties can then be in direct contact with each other.

In order to concentrate in admissions, recruiters can set alerts for his specific programs so he only connects to the website when there are students that match his requirements (study field, academic level, budget, duration). The recruiter can also automate sending messages, which would lead him/her to only take time for students who are interested in their programs and converse towards admissions.

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