Automatic fair meeting management

No more time spent to manage your meetings

Qualify meeting requests

Give private access to your schedule

Focus your time on meetings

What is the automatic fair meeting management?

Making sure you will get interesting meetings during a student recruitment fair is key. How can technology help you to be more efficient? The best solution is a combination of tools that

  • collect some student leads,
  • qualify these student lead needs
  • book a meeting in your schedule when appropriate
  • reallocate the time slot if cancelled.

Managing your agenda before the fair won’t generate stress and work anymore.

Let students do the work!

The solution can handle your time slots automatically without giving your email. Students go to your private page and see when you are busy (Your privacy is safe) :

  • They choose a relevant time slot
  • You confirm the best time in a click
  • You both get the meeting in your calendars

Qualified students only can be coupled to our lead generation and qualification tools, so only pre-qualified student can access to your schedule.

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