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Contact foreign students on your own


Ideal to discover the platform
  • Send up to 20 messages per month
  • No commitment, cancel anytime
  • Get set-up assistance
  • Browse our database of wishes
  • See student profiles
  • Set alerts on new profiles
  • Save template messages
  • Set Auto-reply messages


Ideal for International Officers
  • Send up to 100 messages per month
  • Get 3 hours assistance and insights per month
  • Welcome article on our Facebook page
  • No commitment, cancel anytime
  • See student extended profiles
  • Free plan features
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Tailor-made Campaigns

Get exclusive prospects

1-month tailor-made campaign

Ideal to increase leads
  • We design an advertisement visual from and for your brand and program
  • We create a target matching your program
  • We direct the clicks to your specific landing page
  • We pay social networks for you
  • Your clicks are exclusive
  • No success fees
  • +25% discount on the following month
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Tailor-made form option

Ideal to increase candidates
  • We create a form with your brand, matching your target
  • We direct the clicks to this form
  • We collect the leads and alert you
  • We send you data and metrics
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Outgoing Booster

Boost your Outgoing Mobility

Outgoing Free

Ideal to discover our platform
  • Invite your students on our platform
  • Get monthly metrics
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