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Your campaigns. Your brand. Your leads.

HigherEdMe builds and runs digital acquisition campaign on social medias on behalf of Schools and Universities. From your Facebook page, we design your ads, target students, publish on networks, pay them and collect interested students on dedicated branded forms if you don’t have an information request form.

Qualified leads from countries you select

Focus your time on admissions

Get additionnal likes and shares

We collect your specifications

To prepare the campaign, we collect and analyse your project specifications based on:

  • your program description and material (MSc in Biomedical science)
  • targeted countries (USA, India)
  • targeted level of study (Bachelor degree)
  • targeted field of study (Biomedical or Medical or Engineering)

We build advertising content

Using your program material, we create specific advertising content that points to your dedicated webpage or your form.

We build a specific form (form option)

If you don’t have a dedicated landing page on your website, we create a form to ask more questions about the students’ study abroad project :

First name
Last name
Level of study
Declared budget
Phone number

We send alerts and confirmation messages (form option)

Every time a student fills the form, you get a copy of it and the student gets a confirmation email.

We provide metrics

At the end of the campaign, we provide you with metrics : number of clicks, number of respondents and media used.

We provide data (form option)

At the end of the campaign, we provide you with the full XLS collected data of the respondents that you can import.

1-month tailor-made campaign

Ideal to increase leads
  • We design an advertisement visual from and for your brand and program
  • We create a target matching your program
  • We direct the clicks to your specific landing page
  • We pay social networks for you
  • Your clicks are exclusive
  • No success fees
  • +25% discount on the following month
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Tailor-made form option

Ideal to increase candidates
  • We create a form with your brand, matching your target
  • We direct the clicks to this form
  • We collect the leads and alert you
  • We send you data and metrics
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