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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our platform as an international student recruitment officer

What is an International student recruitment platform?

An international student recruitment platform is a matchmaking system where international student recruitment officers of schools and universities are getting in touch with student candidates.

How can I pay for a premium plan?

Payments can be made by international wiring or credit card, after receiving an invoice. If you need us to follow a procurement process, let us know.

Can I advertise on the platform banners as a university?

No. Advertising inside the platform is not available for higher education institutions because we want to keep our independence and transparency. Advertising is only available to third party partners and service providers, such as conference companies, housing providers, banks, insurance, travel agents, career counselors, language certificates or telecom companies and so on. Contact us if you have a special request.

What is a contact request?

A contact request is a message sent to a student by an officer, about a study abroad project. It should contain program content, brochure links or attachment, selection and admission details.

I need to cancel a contact request, is it possible?

No, you have to make your best message on your first try. Anyway, a contact request is not an engagement, it is just a first contact message.

Can I talk to a student before I send a contact request?

No. Don”t forget that a contact request is not an engagement, it is just a first contact message

Can I send a contact request if the student’s project is different from what I can offer?

Yes. And we encourage it. A project is a temporary vision of studies. It can change in time and you can influence it with your program.

When do I get contact details of the student?

Immediately when the student accepts your contact request. Sometimes students can decide to contact you directly if you have mentioned your contact info in your contact request.

How do I stop my premium plan, and is there an automatic renewal?

If you want to stop your plan, it’s because our service does not fit your needs. The subscription stops at the end of year you have signed for. There is no automatic renewal.

Can I downgrade?

Yes. At the end of your engagement you can downgrade back to free plan. All your pending requests  will stay in your portfolio. You will just loose access to premium features.

How can I upgrade?

Just click on upgrade button in the menu, your premium features will be available. immediately and we will send you an invoice accordingly to the plan of your choice..

How can I be aware of new students?

Just use the alerts in the automation tab.

What is an auto-contact request?

The auto-request feature allows you to send a template message to a new student when this student matches your alert criterias.

What is batch messaging?

The batch messaging feature allows you to send a template message to all selected students at once.

Is HigherEdMe an agent?

No, HigherEdMe is an independent matchmaking platform. However, some higher education institutions ask us to use the platform on behalf of them. When it is the case our team is very clear about it when talking to students.

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