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Google Ads Management

Your international education programs promoted globally

Your needs

✅ You want to promote a new degree but find it difficult to attract and enroll your first students.

✅ You don’t have enough time to launch and manage complex campaigns on your own. You are looking for additional support.

✅ You want to promote specific offerings (summer school, scholarships) or special events (open days, virtual tours, webinars).

✅ You are unfamiliar or have never used Google Ads before.

✅ Your degree promotions have already been launched, but you need to boost their visibility to higher levels of exposure.

✅ You want to focus more of your time on new enrollments, rather than on ad management.

✅ You need long-term support, that corresponds to your long-term vision.

✅ You are ready to invest ample budget into a compelling acquisition strategy.

tailor-made campaigns to attract international students

Collect leads from countries you choose

Focus your time on admissions

Expand your brand exposure

HigherEdMe builds and manages tailor-made Google Ads campaigns on behalf of Colleges and Universities. We adapt your designs, target keywords matching your programs, publish ads, and monitor your campaigns to optimize your acquisition budget.

Advanced Pre Audits

To properly prepare for your campaign launch, we first meet with our clients in order to understand their needs, identify constraints, and precisely define their objectives.

We conduct a website pre-audit and identify key points to be improved upon.

If the client already has a Google Ads account, we will examine the performance of your account.

Keyword Market Study

In close collaboration with the client, we firstly define lists of targeted keywords related to each program and then identify the types of audiences to target.

From this list, we extract search query data directly from Google.

We proceed to organize all keyword data into common lexical groups in order to identify the best ways to target your audiences and communicate your programs on Google.

For each lexical group, we provide the following metrics:

  • Monthly search volumes
  • Competition indices
  • Estimated costs of new student acquisition via Google Ads
  • Seasonality metrics

This study allows you to understand which variations of your keywords are the most relevant to obtain your predefined goals.

We use this information to prioritize the best keywords and to maximize the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads Creation and Build

Our Google Ads creation and build service is based on the Keyword Market Study combined with a pre-defined strategy and validated by you.

Creation and build of Google Ads campaigns:

  • Creation of the Google Ads account.
  • Creation of the campaigns (ad groups, keywords, targeting by device and locality, ad scheduling by day or time).
  • Content writing and ad placement.
  • Configuration of other Google accounts (Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager).
  • Definition of objectives and implementation of conversion tracking.

Google Ads Management and Optimization

Management of Google Ads campaigns:

  • Performance measurement and analysis.
  • Daily cost management per click for each keyword.
  • Budget management
  • Supplementing or removing keywords
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Monthly reporting

Google Ads Remarketing

Creation and targeting of segmented audiences:

We create all the necessary remarketing groups according to the types of internet users visiting your site.

This allows you to retarget these audiences in a personalized way with proper messaging. We provide remarketing campaigns on Google for all visitors to our client’s sites.

The principle: if a user has visited your site at least once, we target them with additional advertisements that will appear when they browse other websites, or when they research broader keywords on Google.

This allows you to create lists of specific audiences (example: users who have not converted, users who stayed 5 minutes on a product page, etc.) and to write personalized messages to these audiences to increase your transformation rates.

Optional Services : UX Conversion

Optimizations based on Google Ads performance analysis, including:

  • Creation of new pages
  • UX
  • Design
  • Content revisions of existing pages
  • A / B Testing


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