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Fill-up your schedule

More quality

More efficiency

International education fairs are a great opportunity to meet foreign students. To attract the best of them to your institutions instead of the many others present, you must promote your presence before and during the event. Social networks are very effective to target these local audiences.

Maximizing educational fairs investment

Educational fairs cost a lot of money and time. Return on investment is measured with Cost per enrollment (CPE) : total fair expenses (booth expenses + travel expense + team time) / number of students enrolled. One way to increase the number of students enrolled is to make sure your will fully book your agenda of meetings, and to meet quality candidates.

Meet more students

“Plan my fair” is a set of 3-weeks digital campaigns on social media that targets students in the vicinity of your fair, with appropriate target. The audience will be able to ask for a meeting with you before the fair, so you can sort candidates and meet the best ones.

Following your roadshow

List your fairs and the “Plan my fair” service will advertise and book meetings for you, anywhere in the world, pointing results to the agenda of our choice.

Get and give feedback before the meeting

Each interested student ask for a meeting by answering an interactive form that can redirect him/her to details of your programs.

We can also redirect the leads to your office team for more validation.

Confirmation by texting/messenger

We confirm the selected meeting by text messaging or by messenger to make sure the appointment will happen.

Get metrics

At the end of your roadshow you can compare meetings preparation, combine xls form results and take decisions for your next move.

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