Sept 2016 closed his first funding with Burgundy Angels

The startup specialized in international marketing solutions for higher education raises € 111,000 from Burgundy Angels to develop and market its reverse marketplace to study abroad. is a startup that aims to develop and market tools facilitating the connection between foreign students and higher education institutions.


Map of schools and universities using Reverse marketplace for study abroad

The first service is a reverse platform to study abroad called Students post their wishes so that institutions around the world can identify them and send their proposals corresponding to their programs matching their theme, duration, level and budget.

4 million students worldwide

Each year, more than 4 million students go abroad to get a new degree or live a cultural experience. 75% of them do not have access to exchange programs between institutions and have to seek the best option by themselves. In addition, many colleges and universities are not known although they offer relevant and accessible programs. The company is trying to address this problem by reversing the roles while respecting the personal data of students.

More than 10,000 students enrolled in 6 months

Supported by the Delegation of Burgundy BPI France since its creation, the company counts more than 10,000 students and 120 higher education institutions across the globe, and the first connections have already been made.

Reach 100,000 study abroad wishes in 2017

The investment will allow to reach 100,000 students wishes and increase the number of registered schools to multiply matches. The service is free for all students and subscription-based for colleges and universities. will also develop new features and participate in major trade fairs in the field as the EAIE Conference [i] in Liverpool.

Feb 2017

Startup helping students receive study abroad offers in top 15 Think Education 2017 finalists

News Tank Higher Ed & Research, a digital higher education news organisation, has selected HigherEdMe as a top 15 promising startups to defend its project.

HigherEdMe will present its innovation during Think Education 2017, a major higher education fair on February 7th 2017 at the Université Paris-Dauphine (France). Selected between 76 initiatives in higher education, it will try to convince News Tank Higher Ed & Research jury to be part of the 3 winners of the contest.

A tool for 5 Million students

With more than 5 million students enrolled abroad in 2016, student mobility is growing fast: more and more universities and schools offer new degrees and programs opened to foreign students. Created in 2015, HigherEdMe developed a new platform close to dating applications focused on international studies. Students register their study wish for free and receive program offers from worldwide institutions looking for students. 18,000+ students have already registered on the platform. They can receive study abroad offers from 150 schools located in 34 different countries.

Respecting student IDs

Respect is one of the core values of HigherEdMe. “A lot of students are filling their contact details on websites. Unfortunately, they usually become part of global listings sold to companies or institutions without their consent. Using HigherEdMe, each student keeps his/her contact details confidential and decides who can get it” explains Arnaud Catinot, CEO. HigherEdMe hopes to realize all the study abroad wishes of young people and bring a simpler way to help student mobility worldwide.

News Tank Higher Education and Research


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