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Institut supérieur de l'électronique et du numérique

Higher Institute for Electronics and Digital Training (ISEN)

Higher Institute for Electronics and Digital Training

Higher Institute for Electronics and Digital Training is a group composed of four French grandes écoles (higher education establishments). They propose a high level engineering program in ICT (information and communication technologies), Micro & Nanotechnologies and Innovative Design.

Higher Institute for Electronics and Digital Training (ISEN) is a consortium of four grandes écoles whose main site is located in Lille. The different establishments are:

  • ISEN Brest (Western France)
  • ISEN Nantes (Western France)
  • ISEN Rennes (Western France)
  • ISEN Caen (Western France)
  • ISEN Lille (Northern France)
  • ISEN Toulon (Southern France)
  • ISEN Fès (Morocco)

ISEN The ISEN-Lille/Toulon/Brest building is attached and located in the campus. Research Labs and teaching rooms are both located in the same building. Studies at ISEN consist in courses in electronics, computer sciences and computer network, micro-electronics, and also acoustics, physics, signal processing and telecommunications. The curriculum is covered in 5 or 3 years of studies according to the degree when entering the school. Studies are structured in bachelor’s and master’s levels but all students obtain the same degree Diplôme d’Ingénieur which is equivalent to a master’s degree. Two options at Bachelor’s level are offered: “Networks & Computer Science” and “Engineering Sciences”. During the last two years, each student personalizes his own syllabus according to his favorite fields. The five following options are proposed at Master’s level:

  • Multimedia, Information Systems & Networks (MISN),
  • Digital Systems & Applications (DTA),
  • Project Management & Business Development (PMBD),
  • High Technology & Innovative Design (HTID),
  • High Technology & Environment (HTE).

The ISEN group is member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles [1]. The ISEN provides an engineering degree certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur.

ISEN is in relation with universities all around the world in the field of educational exchange or research activities. Each ISEN student spent at least two months abroad during an educational exchange or an internship. International students are welcome to study in all the subjects offered by Higher Institute for Electronics and Digital Training. However, Bachelor’s courses are taught in French, and candidates are required to master French at the B2 level at a minimum.

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