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Want new students to Join the school in France?

Learning and living in another country is a very exciting experience. So, if you are a France school, service provider or agent,  looking forward help students join the education in France and get the best from their life, it is time.

With our platform, we can make Higher Education institutions located in desired cities contact with students and hospitality services through  HigherEdMe, our free study abroad matchmaking platform.

If you want to get a post or backlink for your site from HigherEdMe, please, feel free to contact us.

On our platform, we offer you numerous different opportunities and advices, how to Receive your goal and get students to go study in France. We regularly write some guides about universities, schools and their opportunities that can help your students to decide which college is better for them.

What are the most popular cities for joining the school in France?

Yes, France has a wide range of institutions. Most of them are represented on our site. You can have an additional post that will promote your events or establishment.

We use the matching students&colleges tool according to the target program subjects, but also if you want to attract the applicants, don’t forget about the city ambiance.

France has many cities that are good not only for studying, but in addition, are the historical places with huge points for romantic and art inspiration.

Paris, Toulouse, Rennes – and many others are beautiful and mentioned in the legends, narratives, fashion magazines.

 Cultural posibilities

Going to study abroad can open large cultural-exchange possibilities, so find students to join the school in France is a great educational mission. Someone’s journey can really change lives and enhance student’s future careers.

France universities have a state-of-art, friendly approach for students. You will not just promote your studies, but help young people to discover the world. We are proud of the hospitable France culture. So join our university list – and get started! Good luck.