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Vatel USA - International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management

Vatel USA - International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management

Vatel USA

Vatel USA – International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management is recruiting students on HigherEdMe
The Vatel Group and its campuses around the world won the Best School of Hospitality Management award at the 17th Worldwide Hospitality Awards, competing with 42 prestigious international schools.
Competing with 42 other schools, the Vatel Group and all of its campuses around the world won the Best School of Hotel Management award from an international jury of hospitality professionals at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards. Vatel alumni around the world.
Global recognition, expressed by those who employ Vatel alumni around the world.
Beware of Rankings Sponsored by Hospitality Management Schools
Many hospitality school rankings are informal and used for marketing purposes. Some of these hotel school rankings are stakeholder funded and misleading.
Therefore, it is highly recommended to inquire about the reputation of the school and its degrees directly from its alumni, as well as from the professionals who are hiring.
The LA Vatel USA campus
Hospitality management programs are offered by Alliant International University in partnership with Vatel USA. The Alliant Los Angeles campus is located in the Alhambra, in the western San Gabriel region of Los Angeles County. Just eight miles from downtown Los Angeles, the campus gives students direct access to the vast metropolis.
The campus neighborhood is a dynamic concentration of entertainment, business and industry. Two-thirds of the state’s 100 largest corporations have their headquarters in the area.
More than 600 students are enrolled in a number of schools and programs annually.
Mission of the Vatel USA School
Our goal is to educate the next generation of managers and leaders for the largest and fastest growing industry in the world. We achieve our mission through a commitment to excellence in teaching, close partnerships with leaders in the hospitality industry, real hands-on experience, and invaluable international experience.
What experience do we share
Hands-on learning offers a holistic understanding of the hospitality industry, enhancing the definition and achievement of each student’s professional goals.
Students progress through the program in a cohort with courses tailored for their group. The cohort structure ensures that students attend the classes they need to complete their studies on time.
Vatel and Alliant’s faculty are experts in management education and strive to prepare all students for a successful career in international hospitality management.
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