Student Recruitment Platform

A new channel to contact international students
In this article, you will understand this new recruitment channel called student recruitment platform:

  • What is an international student recruitment platform?

  • How does HigherEdMe get students?

  • Filtering students fitting your program

  • Setting alerts to save time

  • The power of auto-reply features

  • Pricing strategy to lower your cost per enrollment

What is an international student recruitment platform?

A platform is a closed database where you can find international students candidates who are looking for a program, and where you can connect with them (institution to candidate). Sometimes, they can also look for a study abroad program and get in touch with a recruiter as well (candidate to institution).

The student recruitment platforms derive either from dating application technologies, fair participant database or directory websites.

How does HigherEdMe get students?

HigherEdMe is an institution-to-candidate platform. It uses social networks and our website to reach student candidates and direct them to the platform.

International student candidate platform - social strategy

Student recruitment platform – social strategy

We help them describe their study abroad project. Some students also subscribe because of word-of-mouth, coming from their family, friends, teachers or advisors. Their project is then published into the database anonymously, and institutions can browse the list of projects and contact the ones that makes sense for them. Then when a candidate accepts the contact request, contact details are sent to both parties, so they can continue towards the admission process on their own.

International student recruitment platform philosophy

Subscribing is free for a student candidate, and freemium for higher education institutions. It means that they can use the free plan to get in touch with candidates, without any commissions if no agents are involved in the matchmaking. The HigherEdMe platform makes money only with freemium institutionnal users, who use it intensively, and from banner sponsors.

The HigherEdMe platform gives no unfair privilege to a particular school or university, even premium ones. Every institution has the same message length and the same chance to convince a student to come study in their institution. Only time of writing and total volume of contact requests differs.

Student candidates are coming from more than 160 countries, with different academic levels, for initial or continuous education.

This diversity of candidates enables HigherEdMe to produce candidate insights.

Filtering students fitting your program

The HigherEdMe platform has filters that help you refine your search to find potential candidates. An institution can sort student wishes by country of origin for visa issues, desired country of study, study theme, academic level, desired length of stay, desired language of study, and budget for the project.

Setting alerts to save time

Saving time is crucial for international student recruitment officers and for marketing managers. That is why HigherEdMe has developed alerts on filters. Every time a new student enters a wish that matches an institution alert, a weekly email is sent to the institution with a link to the student profile.

The power of auto-reply features

Contacting the student at the very beginning of the study abroad project process is very important. So HigherEdMe has designed an auto-reply message feature. Every time a new student enters a study abroad wish that matches your program filters, a template contact message is sent. This message contains key data such as program details, contact details, tuition fees and admission process link.

Pricing strategy to lower your cost per enrollment

Our pricing is simple : our free international student marketplace allows to send 50 contact request messages per month. Premium plans bring more contact requests and other features.