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Motivation Algorithm

How to measure motivation of students to go abroad?

Our workplan to create the first motivation algorithm

Data Mining and Recruitment

Data mining is the processing of bulk data, for the purpose of improving user experience and services. Our opinion is that these processes are changing, and that recruiting methods will change too. Why?

Because we have processed our data and developed an algorithm to create a “CREDIBILITY INDEX”, to put forward student profiles with high potentials. Some less “stereotypical” profiles will be increasingly visible, against current trends.

This ground-breaking approach brings new opportunities for student selection and qualification of their potential.

This new feature will be available in September of 2017.

Anthony – 22 years old – Data analyst

Tell us a bit about you? Animal lover & Latino dancer. I am also a Master student in Datasciences. #petlover #bachata #DataMining

What do you do at HigherEdMe? I’m a Web Developer and Data Scientist, and I’m building tools that help us understand our data. #algorithm #apriori #dev

How and why? By creating and optimizing an algorithm to analyse student profiles by interpolating their data. #index #motivation #analysis

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