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About Paula’s study abroad project

What do you want to study and why?    

I want to perfect myself in my profession, which is an architect to have greater possibilities and a better future, as well as because architecture is my passion and I believe that in order to achieve excellence it is necessary to study all of life and constantly update. What I like about my field of study is the fact of designing and constructing spaces which are inhabited and enjoyed by the people who live, work or live there. Another aspect that I find very satisfying is the fact of helping people to fulfill the dream of their own home or in the case of being private architecture and in the case of larger buildings the fact that they can last for many years and even become emblems of the city in which they are located

Where are you from where do you want to go?     

I am from Argentina and I would love to be able to go to Europe especially Spain since I am very attracted to the way in which they see architecture as they take care of the heritage and their look in terms of sustainability. What I like about my country with respect to my profession is the constant growth, its urbanization and the struggle to modernize.

What do you enjoy doing when you have free time?

When I have free time I like to read, go out biking and photographs the landscapes, watch series, get together with friends and family

Is there a personality trait about you that you are proud of?

The responsibility and self-demand because although there are many times that weigh me are the main features that make me try to be better and progress day by day

A message for higher education institutions ? If there is something you would like to tell the universities that will see your profile

What I would like to say is that for me to have the opportunity to study abroad would be a dream come true, that I know it will be a possibility and an experience that I will squeeze to the maximum that will change my profile as an architect. and of which I am going to learn a lot. I really want to learn from them and their excellence, I am an applied, proactive, responsible person and that everything I faced I do with a lot of dedication and passion.

If you can go abroad with a friend?

They would go with my classmate Olga Rios Lopez since we both shared many things, we were partners of work during the six years of Faculty and we both dreamed about this possibility and if it were done and we could share it, it would be the maximum

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