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Sorting students by motivation index

The HigherEdMe international student platform has a new sorting feature in its results list. The motivation index column is now rankable from higher grades to lower ones. International student officers and recruiters can focus on most promising profile without having to browse the full list of results of the platform.

What is the motivation index?

HigherEdMe has built an internal scoring system to evaluate motivation of students to go abroad. It mixes multidimensional data of profiles, groups students by similarities and a content grade. This motivation index is the result of our internal R&D efforts to interpret 20.000 study abroad candidates.

Multi-field selection

On the filters side, each section has now a multi-field selection using tick boxes. It allows users to select several fields in each filter to combine them as a “OR”. For example, three ranges of budget can be added, or two countries.

Multifields selection in international student platform

Multi-fields selection international student platform

Users can also make keyword search to identify relevant fields and select them. It is very powerful for the country of origin filter, destination filter and continent selections.

Users can select several academic levels to broaden their search, regardless of the country of origin systems. It makes the international student platform more convenient and increase chances to match appropriate students and make more enrollments.

This new feature is in beta test in the wish list board to browse the database. It will be also deployed in the alert section and used in auto-request features.

Webinars for international student platform

Make sure you are receiving our international student platform newsletter and webinar invitations for new and advanced users. During these webinars, we show our users how to use these new features. Feel free to contact us to do so.


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