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higheredme is a free study abroad platform

Recruitment of International Students Now Free for Universities

International recruiters at universities can now contact candidates without paying intermediation fees.

Saint-Étienne, France –Starting on September 1st, HigherEdMe will be granting free access to all its international users. HigherEdMe, a French startup company based in both Longvic and Saint-Etienne, specializes in global matchmaking between candidates and university recruiters from all over the world.

“We were looking for a way to remove growth obstacles from our platform,” said Arnaud Catinot, founder of HigherEdMe. “Thanks to our affiliations and adding optional features like export and texting notifications, we can now provide free access to higher education institutions that are willing to promote their programs abroad.”

This free platform could be a revolution in international higher education

By becoming free for recruiters, the platform becomes a simple and direct tool that they can use for contacting students. “They (recruiters) no longer need to go through calls for tenders, or use a payment method such as credit cards, or even obtain a purchase authorization from their hierarchy,” Catinot added. “The system allows many public institutions to attract only the best candidates with much greater flexibility.”

More than 20,000 connections made

With more than 40,000 candidates and 350 recruiters worldwide, HigherEdMe has already established more than 20,000 connections this year. It hopes to triple these numbers by 2019.

To support the international mobility of students to institutions that they would never have thought of before, the startup got inspired by dating apps. “Our system works the opposite of current websites. On HigherEdMe, the recruiters are making wishes on the candidates,” Catinot explained.

HigherEdMe will present its innovation at the EAIE International Conference in Geneva from September 10th to 14th. Further details can be found on the company’s main website.

HigherEdMe SAS was created by Arnaud CATINOT and Pierre-Alexandre PIARULLI in November 2015. Supported by BFC Angels, the startup offers innovative and privacy-friendly solutions to higher education institutions wishing to attract foreign students.


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