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A blog from a HotDesQ R3 startup thinking about the next round.


The jet lag is passed now. But I am still not used to the rythm of the day here. The sun pops up around 5 am and down at 6 pm, even if the autumn is just starting. The workday starts earlier and when it’s finished you have to directly switch to the evening part/ party time of the night because indeed it’s already dark outside. I think I will miss a bit the ‘apéro time’ we have in France but I really enjoy the night time with such nice weather.


A new dawn for HigherEdMe

More seriously, we have managed to register our Australian Company this week. We have officially founded HEMA Tilt PTY LTD. HEMA for Higher Ed Me Australia and Tilt because, it the sound of a student connecting to a university in our head, we also have another meaning but we will keep it secret for the moment. You can try a guess in the comment on the Linkedin post. If anyone finds, I will send him/her a HigherEdMe book note.

We were able to found the company this week, only because we have received our personal TFNs. It took only a week since we asked for them. Once we had them, I have spent maybe two hours to fill up the form on the online website but only because I checked online in the mean time what choice fit our company the best. But if you already know what and how you want to set up everything in Australia, it will definitively be a lot less time for you.

Next step, the company bank account. Actually and thanks to BOQ, partner of HotDesQ, we have started to prepare all the elements Monday last week, so it will not take very long from now to have it opened.




 HEMA Tilt, a new fish in the Australian sea.

About… Fishburners, our brand new working space. It is an amazing place, with a lot of events going on each day. You have regular events (Fryday pitch, Toasty Thursday), you have events only for female fishies and also many opportunities to learn, meet people and share.
The atmosphere is really nice, everyone here is willing to give you a hand toward success and we already have the chance to meet with many different startups/companies. A big up to Kate, Sarah and Isaac (You can see them in the last pic of  the slide).




What do you do tonight? I just go to the Startup World Cup Australia.

The big plus of this week, the Startup Worlcup Australia was in Brisbane. You may have seen tweets about it. We had a VIP pass, I don’t know if it was thanks to Fishburners or Advance Queensland because they were both involved in the organization but we were at the right spot and we really have enjoyed it, so thank you.
It was about ten startups fighting for a chance to go in final for a 1million price. For me, 3 startup pitches were above the others, the winner, of course, Startat60, Monarc Global and Hip Money. I have taken notes about how to pitch and most interesting part how to answer the questions of the judges (not always easy ones).


How to create a company in Australia week 2

At the moment, the company exists, we have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and are able to open a bank account.
We are waiting for 3 more numbers to go on with the process, we have used the same online service to register the company and to ask for these elements.
The Company TFN (Tax File Number), the GST (Goods and Services Tax) equivalent of the VAT in Europe, and the PAYG (Pay As You Go)

At the moment, I am looking and learning about employment in Australia, work right and wages. You have a lot of official resources online, so next week I will talk to you about superannuation, tax income calculator among other things.


Brisbane, a new home, a new life

I will finish this post on a more personal note.
I have decided before landing to live in New Farm, just because I loved the idea to live in a neighborhood surrounded by the river.
New Farm is full of individual houses, in the Queenslander style with a lot of them getting renovated. Each with their own small garden, most of the time full of big green trees and plants. You can smell at sunset a powerfull sent coming from the trees I guess because I can’t identify its origin at the moment. There a big park, with a charming market every Saturday morning. I was even able to find an organic shop and a ‘Fromagerie’. I know there is a bakery too but I didn’t have the chance to test it for now.

How  to go to work in Brisbane

Brisbane has a large bus network and with broad working hours. I have made most of the first week thanks to it.
A bit of a negative point here, there is no monthly or annual subscription. You pay as you go for each ride, by adding credit on your Go Card when needed.
So as a newcomer, who don’t know how much of commuting I will have to do each week, it’s not easy to budget and I find it a bit expensive.
I have decided this week to try the CityCicle system. Two benefits from it: it’s cheaper than the bus and I can enjoy the view of the river twice a day. Negative point it takes me more time.
For the moment, I will keep the CityCicle solution, and I see that as a way to start a healthier life in Australia.


The weekend is coming

My goal for this weekend will be easy to achieve. It’s to climb up o the Mont Coot-Tha. I was told by several people that is was a really good start to discover Brisbane.



Our project is going well, we are almost fully set up.
I am eager to continue next week and to be able to achieve even more things.

See you next week!