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One of the biggest challenges of international education leaders is to forecast how prospective student flows will change, due to political and societal changes. Of course each country has a student candidate potential and is impacted by new immigration rules, incoming and outgoing.

How can this impact the day-to-day work of international teams? Obviously dealing with higher volumes in new countries will be part of the strategies. Two key aspects are to be kept in mind : reaching the candidates in these new markets, and using available strengths in the location. Alumni of your institution are one of these potential strengths. Activating them without a pre-existing database is quite complex and having a global view of where they are can be a very efficient tool.


Your global impact locally

Your dynamic map is a daily tool to value your alumni network in every part of the globe to raise awareness and ressources 

Delegate interview with incoming prospects

Identify local companies for new partnerships

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Increase brand awareness in local high schools

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Invite in local educational fairs

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