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International Student Recruitment


Get an International student recruitment overview on services with HigherEdMe, the international student recruitment platform. It can be divided into 3 main categories:

1 Providing Brand Awareness

Make your brand know by prospective students, parents, teachers, researchers, international relations services, exchange coordinators, enrollment managers, deans and provost. It has to be known and it has to be differentiated by several aspects:

International rankings

If you have good rankings, talk about it each time you can. If you don’t, there must be a category where your position is positive. Think about economic relation, level of income of students for their first job, number of international students, number of international teachers,

Accreditations and international assessments

Your team works hard to complete accreditations and assessments. You must promote them once acquired with success. Even if some international students don’t really understand what these accreditations mean, list you labels and explain in what extend why it has a strong value for a student.

Research results and focus areas

International students are choosing a career in a domain. If your activity is related to their project in some way, give it a chance. Giving an overview of where you are good at and how this knowledge can lead to a nice job is a good story to tell. International students love stories. It is easy to understand and help them forecast their situation and learning experience.

Geographic position and main areas of interest

Your institution is located in the biggest country of the city? Then use the city name in your communication. If not, you have to build a smart combination of advantages around it. Small is beautiful, the further the distance, the deeper the experience, fewer people, bigger attention. And big cities are never too far to get a sense of it without the inconvenience. Tell international students about connections to these cities, about your location touristic and cultural differences. Tell them they can play an important role in your community.

   This can be done using :

  • Your own Facebook page : videos, interviews, live, webinars, contests
  • Direct advertising : emailing, facebook ads
  • Events:  live events, online events, educational fairs
  • Alumni briefing and former international students in particular
  • Mailing your partners

2 Generate some leads

Driving prospective students to take your institution into account. International students no longer like push. They need pull marketing. That is why brand awareness is important. But shaking the tree to generate conversations is very important too.

HigherEdMe uses two ways to do it:

  • Social network advertising : displaying your programs to your target. If a click is made, you will know more about the student. Curiosity and opportunity are your best friends.
  • Reverse study abroad marketplace : HigherEdMe asks students what they want to study, where, when, with what kind of budget. You can access this database and contact the ones that match your programs.

3 Transform leads into admissions

Once you are connected to a prospective student, maintaining a high frequency level of conversation and leverage all obstacles is the key. All medias tools play a role :

  • texting to recall
  • chat to converse
  • online forms to collect
  • email for important documents and conversations

Don’t use email at the beginning of your funnel. It is no longer working.

More international student recruitment overview

You can complete your international student recruitment overview by reading The Pie, InsideHigherEd, MSM reporter and The Chronicles of Higher Education.