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ERUDIO Business School

ERUDIO Business School

ERUDIO Business School in Slovenia

HigherEdMe is pleased to announce that even more ezines from the Emerald database are available for ERUDIO Business School students this year. The Emerald database provides access to the latest scientific and professional research results in various fields, such as: business, human resources, marketing, e-education, information technology, organizational change management, hospitality and tourism, among others. ERUDIO students can take advantage of unlimited and free access to current international discoveries and trends!

ERUDIO Business School is proud of:

positive feedback from our clients (our students gave us a grade from 4.6 to 5),
offering applicable and up-to-date skills and knowledge presented by lecturers who are competent scholars and professionals in their fields of teaching,
offering students the opportunity to go through part of their studies abroad through the Erasmus exchange mechanism,
providing particularly flexible schedules that allow our part-time students to keep up with their studies
free Wi-Fi and parking, all lectures in one place, friendly staff, fully equipped rooms, access to the Emerald electronic database.


Who we are and what we do
The ERUDIO Education group was founded in 1993. All members are committed to implementing innovative teaching methods and solutions to make your journey to quality education and formal degrees easier, more convenient and more efficient.
Today ERUDIO Education Group offers many educational programs:

professional and general education programs of secondary school,
2-year professional college programs,
Undergraduate programs for 3 years.
Our programs and employees share the same vision and approach. We strive to offer high quality education tailored to the needs of our students. Our students are not only our clients; they are our partners, as we are theirs. Highly qualified, motivated teachers who are not only scientists, but also successful practitioners in their fields of knowledge, as well as a personal approach to our students – this is what sets us apart from other similar educational institutions and helps our students on their way to personal and professional. success.

We have followed this vision of education for the needs of the 21st century for over two decades.

The ERUDIO educational group includes the ERUDIO Institute of Education (uniting EURO ŠOLA, IRC Institute and ZARIS Institute), ERUDIO Business School, ERUDIO Sustainable Tourism School, ERUDIO Academy, ERUDIO HUB and ERUDIO Beauty Academy.

We offer a range of technologically advanced and high-quality solutions for people who have decided to focus on success and need help on their way to a successful career.

Here’s what the institution have achieved so far:

1993: The educational group ERUDIO is founded as a language learning center – EURO ŠOLA.

1996: EURO ŠOLA starts offering vocational secondary education programs for adults. EURO ŠOLA’s mission is to open the door to high school diploma for both youth and adults by developing new teaching methods and listening to the personal needs of its students.

1999: EURO ŠOLA opens the first private general education secondary school in Slovenia, wishing to offer its students a different, individual and attentive approach.

1999: The IRC Education and Development Center is founded, a private institution offering vocational training programs for adults and actively involved in regional international development projects in education.

2000: ZARIS – Institute for Development, Education and Consulting is founded as a private institution offering a wide range of vocational training programs in secondary schools and vocational colleges. ZARIS pays special attention to adult education by developing special teaching methods, tools and programs designed as an optimal combination of approaches to adult learning. It was the first private vocational college in Slovenia to offer civil engineering courses.