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ICAN College

ICAN College

ICAN College is a private higher education institution wholly owned by Prima Gading Corporation, an investment holding company with a vision to provide human capital that is tailored to market needs and global trends.

ICAN Colle has been strengthening since 2008 from its roots in Health Sciences in 2008 to several directions – some basics and others are very practical. The result is ICAN College which combines quality education in a variety of disciplines with the necessary soft skills. The establishment of the International Business and Economic Faculty in 2016 is a testament to ICAN growth and strength. At ICAN, they maintain the well-being, welfare and development of their students. This gives them peace of mind to pursue their goals.

The success of ICAN’s students is the ultimate success of ICAN. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative is an important part of the ICAN family. This is ICAN contribution to creating awareness among the students to contribute to society and to make a difference to the well-being of our community.

ICAN College is in the development phase. Campus sites are identified to meet the needs of our growing student population and our growing faculty. In 2018, the ICAN college will announce the establishment of three new faculties:

  • Faculty of Technology, Entertainment and Design
  • Faculty of Language and Modern Communication
  • School of Foundation Studies

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