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SolBridge International School of Business

SolBridge International School of Business

The SolBridge Business School: Who we are?

The SolBridge international business school is located in Korea’s Daejeon Silicon Valley. It prepares students to be the next generation of Asian thinkers in the fast-growing and booming Asian economy. SolBridge is unique among business schools for several reasons:

  • 80% of teachers are from different countries, with diplomas from prestigious universities.
  • national business model teaching method.
    Diverse academic and cultural programs with a focus on Asia.
    International student organization representing 64 different nationalities / countries.
    Balance theory and practice with immersion programs, special lectures, workshops and internships.
  •  The Career Advisor Program (CAP) is designed to provide students with academic guidance in their career plans.
    The CEO Mentoring Program is designed to connect students to the corporate world and leading experts.
    The Asia Thought Leadership Competition provides students with an opportunity to test their business skills.
    One of the youngest business schools in the world to receive AACSB accreditation.

SolBridge Business School goals

We strive to train leading business leaders in Asia and the world in all areas: business, politics, military and social activism, who will be ready to become instruments of change in their societies. We do not focus only on the “hard skills” required for such an enterprise, but also on the critical “soft skills” that provide flexibility, understanding, and interpersonal leadership skills that will help in many environments.

SolBridge offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business with a focus on Asian business and its relationship with the rest of the world. We strive to provide:

Integration of business knowledge with a focus on Asian economies and their evolving relationships.
Student internships at leading technology companies.
A global perspective in teaching and research in the most dynamic arena of the world economy.
In-depth acquaintance with the languages ​​and cultures of East Asia.
Multicultural environment in English.