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UTEC - Universidad Tecnológica

UTEC - Technological University of Uruguay

Technological University of Uruguay

UTEC is the Technological University of Uruguay, a proposal for public university tertiary education with a technological profile, oriented towards research and innovation. Committed to the strategic guidelines of the country, open to the needs of productive Uruguay, which has among its central objectives to make access to educational offer more equitable, especially in the interior of the country. One of its most innovative features is its focus on the collective construction of knowledge, with high standards of management quality and academic excellence.

Technological University of Uruguay is a public education proposal, with a technological profile, that is born committed to expanding the university tertiary offer in the interior of Uruguay, fostering the link with the productive environment and promoting the social and cultural development of the country.

The Regional Technological Institutes (ITR) are the expression of UTEC in the territory. They are located in different parts of the interior of the country, based on the survey of training needs in the different regions.

They are the poles that manage the activities of the region and act seeking to build a dialogue with the environment, through a strong decentralizing vocation.

The following map reflects the location of each ITR and the regions that each covers, as well as the location of each educational center.

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