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Student Recruitment Services

Main Student Recruitment Services for International Studies

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What are the different international student recruitment services?


Internal international student recruitment services

All schools or universities have one or several members of their team to deal with international student recruitment. Whether the institution uses international partnerships to run exchanges or attracting freemovers, there is always somebody in charge of connecting students candidates with programs.  Likewise help with housing (see the ISARA example), credit transfer, health insurance, accommodation, planning… In addition to make the link with internal marketing to generate information requests.

International recruitment Agents

Some institutions ask local representatives to promote their programs to potential students candidates. These agents provide information about the institution, give details about available scholarships, prepare the student candidates for international immersion and train them for interviews and language adoption. Agents take care of all the admission and visa paperwork. Agents are paid by the destination university, between 15-30% of the tuition fees. The HigherEdMe free matchmaking platform is now open to agents.

Marketing and media kits providers

Becoming visible on a global scale requires advertising and making information about programs available. Specialized companies like HigherEdMe build advertising campaigns on social networks, insert articles and ads in magazines, newspapers, manage email flows. Some of them list all programs available in the world with search engines, and ask universities to pay to be listed or to be contacted. The HigherEdMe platform is also open to all service providers with marketing and media kits offers.

Educational fairs for student recruitment services

Schools and Universities also participate in local fairs to meet students (see the example of Access MBA) and virtual fairs. Also this can be a series of face-to-face meetings between candidates and recruiters or this can simply be a booth displaying all programs from an education institution with a local alumni who explains his/her past experience.

These fairs come to an expense that ranges from 3 to 6k€ per standard booth, to which you must add time, travel and accommodation expenses. Moreover, that is why some institutions and service providers have started to privileged virtual fairs and seminars, as well as advanced alumni global networks. The new HigherEdMe platform is relaying events from all over the globe.

Marketplaces and platforms

Getting qualified leads is the promise of directories and marketplaces. At HigherEdMe, we think answering a candidate question and helping him/her shape an international education project is better. We think institutions are to make the first move based on the candidate project. The cost of our platform for a year is lower than one educational fair, and can start several hundreds of promising conversations with interested candidates, anywhere in the world.

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